Change excellence

Change management capability improvement and strengths flourishing needs

« We keep bringing mechanics – when what we need are gardeners. » Peter M. Senge, 1947.

A change initiative can only be understood within an environment. The ability to articulate the charter, plans, processes, outcomes, and governance of a change initiative within his environment is the starting point for a transformational change success.

Transformational change success is mainly based on organizational change management maturity and people competences. For this reason, organizations that aspire to consistently achieving a high percentage of transformational change success need to raise gradually their level of organizational change management maturity. More important, they need to develop the required change leadership, change manager and change team strengths.

Our change excellence practice proposes a sustainable increase of performance and well-being in your change initiatives with organizational capability improvement and strengths flourishing through change accompaniment, strengths flourishing interventions and Zen coaching.

We propose a unique combination of management, consulting, coaching, assessment, training, and other professional services designed and tailored to meet your change and strengths flourishing accompaniment needs.

  1. Change Management System (CMS) Framework

    Change Management System (CMS) Framework

    The PDF file attached contains our Change Management System (CMS) Framework template based in the ACMP’s Standard for Change Management and the CMI’s Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK).